Portland, I am in you!  Or near you.  In Beaverton.  But that’s still pretty exciting to me!


It has been my lifelong goal to move out of the desert.  So far Oregon has been even more beautiful than I expected.

Phoenix, i will miss your sweet denizens that I was lucky enough to call friends, but I am looking forward to this new adventure immensely.



I am so excited!  I just visited this super cool gallery in Tucson AZ.  I am going to be participating in next month’s group show, titled “Glittermageddon”.  All art will incorporate glitter.  Be prepared for the sparkle.  I can’t wait to show you guys the piece I made!

The opening is on February 1st and the show runs through March 29.  More info here on the Facebook event.

*Edit* OK, now that it’s not a secret anymore, here is the sparkle spangled new piece I painted for this show.  It’s called “A Seance with Madame Meow-Meow, Gifted Medium”.   The original painting is sold, but you can get prints through my Redbubble shop.


We Belong Dead

We Belong Dead

I wanted the Bride and the Monster to hit it off and instantly fall in love.  We all did.  It just didn’t work out.  

And really, why should it?  They didn’t know each other at all.  They only shared a few moments of screen time.  And maybe they have nothing in common besides being reanimated corpses.  The Bride was brand new to the world and hadn’t even been given time to get to know herself.  No wonder she wasn’t ready for a relationship.  The odds were stacked against them.  

I’ve seen a lot of really sweet images depicting the Bride and the Monster as a loving couple and while I enjoy that beautiful fairytale of a re-imagined ending to the film, I’m offering this image as an alternative alternate ending.  

The Bride realizes that she isn’t ready to settle down.  She adopts some ghost cats and happily acclimates to her role as an undead cat lady.  At least for now.  Maybe some day she will be ready for a relationship, but in the mean time she is quite content to spend her days with her spooky pets.

This piece was made for the American Icons show at The Dream Factory in Frankfurt Germany. The show runs through the end of the year and I am so so excited to be a part of it.



Mouse is the name of the girl. It is also the name of her friend who perches on her shoulder. It doesn’t cause as much confusion as you would think, since non one speaks their name aloud.

Mouse was very shy when she was alive.  Thats how she initially earned her nickname.

Now that she is dead, her bashful behavior has increased.  You probably don’t even know you’re being haunted.  She stays completely out of the way and haunts you very very quietly from inside the walls of your house.  She peeps through mouse holes and cracks in the wall.  You are strange and fascinating to her.  She’d love to talk to you some day, but she hasn’t worked up the courage yet.  For now she will do all her socializing with the ghosts of the mice that have lived and died inside the safe haven of your walls.



Anyone who owns a living cat knows about shedding. Cat fur can be mildly annoying, but it is nothing compared to the maintenance involved in caring for a ghost cat. The ectoplasm mixes with the stray furs to create a fibrous paste that is nearly impossible to remove from clothing and furniture. If you are being haunted by a ghost cat, you may want to invest in plastic couch covers.