Portland, I am in you!  Or near you.  In Beaverton.  But that’s still pretty exciting to me! It has been my lifelong goal to move out of the desert.  So far Oregon has been even more beautiful than I expected. Phoenix, i will miss your sweet denizens that I was lucky enough to call friends,Continue reading “Portland”


I am so excited!  I just visited this super cool gallery in Tucson AZ.  I am going to be participating in next month’s group show, titled “Glittermageddon”.  All art will incorporate glitter.  Be prepared for the sparkle.  I can’t wait to show you guys the piece I made! The opening is on February 1st andContinue reading “Glittermageddon”


I just got back from Monsterpalooza with my good friend and Art Partner, Nate Ross  It was a Magical time.  I sold some art, met some weirdos, and had one of the best weekends in a long time.  I also fell utterly and completely in love with LA. Oh, LA, I’ll be back to see youContinue reading “Monsterpalooza”